Sunday, November 02, 2003

Montessori Children’s House

I’ve had the pleasure of renovating one Montessori school, on Auckland’s North Shore, and of designing this one as a representative project.



It takes its inspiration from Muriel Dwyer’s suggestion that Dr Montessori favoured an octagonal layout for her children’s houses—which allows equal space for each of the four main subject areas, and the four minor areas, without preferencing any—and the attempt to solve the ‘inside-outside’ problem which seems to plague so many Montessori children’s houses.


Main Space:


Entrance, from Car Park:


The staff wing and parents’ area is exploded from the main space, and both staff and kitchen areas overlook the garden and terrace.

‘Afternoon’ Terrace,’ with Staff Wing on left:

 Titoki-Morning Terrace

It might still need a bit of work on the colour scheme . . .  still, this is only a ‘sketch’ model.

Looking North, with light from above to the main space.


Looking South-East.  The child and Directress give some idea of scale (and unfortunately the Archicad programme used to produce this has no dress-wearing Directresses!):

Titoki-Interior Perspective

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