Monday, November 15, 2004

Project: Tumunui, Rotorua #1

Hornby 1 Sketch

A project for a spectacular elevated site outside Rotorua, with views to the north-west to a local geothermal outcrop, to the south-east down to Mt Ruapehu; out to the west to a small lake, and off to the north-east to Rainbow Mountain.

Hornby 1 Main Floor Plan

A concrete home, as ordered, wrapped around the hill top not on it ("build on the hill and you take away the hill"). The lap pool, which also forms the ‘gateway’ to the forecourt entry, lines up on the Mt Ruapehu-geothermal axis, ‘pointing’ at both—the pergolas lead out to the Rainbow mountain view.

Hornby 1 Upper Floor


Hornby 1 Concept

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